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Earrings: Choose Stud or Drop < Washi Paper Strings > - Plum Blossoms [Diamond Pink]

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Drop or Stud Washi Paper String Earrings - Plum Blossoms


● Beautiful Japanese plum blossoms - Ume

● 2 tier charms made with Japanese traditional, Washi paper strings, and imitation pearls

● Hand-knotted Plum Blossom Washi charms

● Washi charms made of paper are treated to be water resistant

● Surprisingly super lightweight charms hang with comfort

● Choice of the fastening style: 

   Stud style - Dangly version of ball stud earrings

   Drop style - Classis hook fastenings are easy to wear

● Perfect for any occasions formal or casual

● Gift Box option available

   Gift Box size : 8 cm (length) x 5 cm (width) x 2.5 cm (depth)

If the option is not available or sold out, please send an enquiry by email as there is a good chance we have boxes on their own in stock that can be added to your order upon request.


Diamond Pink with silver colour finish

<Styles> 2 different styles to choose from:

- Ball Stud Style

- Drop Style

<One Size>

Plum Blossom charm:  18 mm (length) x 18 mm (width)

- Stud Earrings

Earring length: 38 mm (length from ball to the bottom of pearl charm)

                  Pin: 15 mm (length including the ball)

                 Ball: 4 mm

Earring backs: 5 mm (length) x 7 mm (width)

- Drop Earrings

Earring length: 53 mm (length from the top of hook to the bottom of pearl charm)

            Hook: 20 mm (length)

               Pin: 0.7 mm 

<Made Of>

Charms: Japanese washi paper strings (paper and polyester) and imitation pearl (metal and plastic)

Ball stud style earring parts: Stainless steel earring parts

Drop style earring parts: Silver plated alloy and stainless steel earring parts


These earrings are for pierced ears only.

Not suitable to wear while sleeping, showering and swimming or during sports activities.

Remove earrings before using products such as soap, lotion, perfume and hairspray to avoid harming the metal and causing discoloration.

Keep out of the reach of children.

This product is non-returnable and non-refundable for hygiene reasons.

The colours and images of our products that appear may vary depending on your monitor.

The number and the position of the patterns and motifs may vary on each item.